Ideal base for business people and investors
Application process: 14-20 months
Residency requirements: 6 months in any 12
Required investment from US$500,000
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Introducing the USA

An environment to suit everyone

The fifty states of the USA encompass a vast range of business environments, so there are options to meet every requirement. The EB-5 programme includes immediate family and, because it is a nationwide federal scheme, it offers the right to residency in all states, including Texas and Florida which are free of state-level income tax.

As a nation, the USA hosts some of the world's most advanced medical and educational facilities, making it an ideal location for raising a family. The EB-5 visa gives the holder access to the public education system at all age levels, but the USA is also home to thousands of private schools, many of which are multi-lingual and provide a route to some of the highest-ranking universities in the world.

As a safety net, the EB-5 Investor Visa gives the holder the reassurance that should there be political change or another disruptive event in their home country, they and their family will be able to gain immediate entry into the USA. Importantly, after five years of permanent residency in the US, the holder of an EB-5 visa may be considered for US citizenship.

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Capital city: Washington D.C.
Languages: English
Visa free countries: 184 (for citizens)
Currency: United States Dollar $
Total area: 9,833,517 km²
Population: 326,625,791 (2017)
Nearest country: Canada / Mexico
Time zone: Mainland UTC-04:00 to -08:00
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EB-5 Investor Visa Requirements

To qualify for residency or citizenship, applicants must fulfil one of the following investment options:

Creation of a New US Enterprise

A minimum US$1.8 million investment in a new commercial enterprise, or a minimum investment of US$900,000 if investing in a Targeted Employment Area (rural areas or areas with unemployment of at least 150 percent of the national average). Create full-time employment for at least 10 qualified US workers. They must be direct employees of the enterprise. 

Investment in a Regional Centre

Regional centres are investment opportunities pre-approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Applicants must meet the following criteria: Make an investment of US$900,000. Create full-time employment for at least 10 qualified US workers. Indirect employment is permitted.


Applicants must have a net worth in excess of US$ 1 million and proof must be provided that their funds come from legal sources.

Government website

To view the official government website for this programme, please click here.

EB-5 Investor Visa Application Process

  • Month 1

    Application preparation and fund deposit.

  • Months 2 - 15

    Submit I-526 petition.

  • Months 16 - 22

    Apply for immigration visa

  • Months 22 - 24

    Conditional permanent residency granted.

  • Months 24 - 60

    I-829 petition submitted.

  • Month 60

    Green Card issued.



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