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No Tax on Foreign Income
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Our Citizenship by Descent Programmes

What Can I Expect From Portuguese Citizenship by Ancestry

Situated on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal basks in mild temperatures all year round. Being a coastal nation with a rich history of seafaring, Portugal is renowned for its delicious seafood. Its relaxed atmosphere, vibrant culture, and low crime rates also make it a prime European destination for tourists and expatriates alike.

  • Freedom of movement throughout the European Union (EU), and the ability to live, work and study anywhere in the EU or EFTA nations (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).
  • Access to affordable healthcare, education, and investment vehicles only open to European citizens.
  • No citizenship-based taxation – unless you physically live and work in the country, you’re not subject to Portuguese income tax.
  • Portuguese citizenship by descent, once acquired, can be passed on to children and spouses.
  • Vibrant economy – with political stability and low unemployment rates.
Capital city: Lisbon
Languages: Portuguese
Visa free countries: 188
Currency: EUR €
Total area: 92,212 km2
Population: 10.3 million (2020)
Nearest country: Spain
Time zone: UTC+00:00 for Continental Portugal and Madeira; UTC–01:00 for Azores
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Portuguese Citizenship-by-Descent Programme

There are numerous pathways to becoming a citizen of Portugal. The most common is through applying for Portuguese citizenship-by-descent, where eligibility simply requires the applicant to be the child or grandchild of a Portuguese citizen. However, there are also opportunities for the descendants of Portuguese Jews expelled during the Portuguese Inquisition, as well as for individuals from former Portuguese colonies. Find out how to apply for Portuguese citizenship-by-descent - speak to our specialist advisors about the programme today to begin your journey.


To apply for Portuguese citizenship by descent, you must have a Portuguese parent or grandparent.


You must be able to show ties to the Portuguese community, such as having sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language.


You cannot have been convicted of a prison sentence equal to or greater than three years for a crime punishable under Portuguese law.


You cannot be a danger or threat to Portuguese national security or defence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply for Portuguese Citizenship-by-Descent

You’ll need to gather various vital records to recreate your family tree and establish a legal claim. When you’ve compiled this citizenship dossier, you’ll need to get it legalised, translated, and presented to the Portuguese government.

Can Brazilians Apply for Portuguese Citizenship?

Yes, Brazilians who have at least one Portuguese parent or grandparent are eligible to apply for citizenship by descent under the standard rules rather than the former colony rules.

How Long Does it Take to Get Portuguese Citizenship

When you’ve submitted your application, it can take approximately two years for adults to be processed and for you to be granted Portuguese citizenship.

Can Portuguese Citizens Have Dual Citizenship?

Yes, Portugal allows dual citizenship.

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