Visa-free travel to 145 countries
Applications processed in under 90 days
No minimum presence requirement
Required contribution from US$100,000
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Why Consider the Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Programme?

As a former British colony, the Commonwealth of Dominica is among the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, where luscious green landscapes meet serene, sandy beaches. However, the physical surroundings are not the only reason for considering beginning an application for a Dominican passport

What Can You Expect from Dominican Citizenship?

Not only offering advantageous financial gain, but a Dominican passport also gives access to a country of unparalleled beauty. Dominica is an island of remarkably unspoilt land, where lush, green forests roll across hills that stretch from shore to shore. English is the nation's official language, but French is also spoken widely.

Dominica's Citizenship-by-Investment Programme has straightforward requirements and offers many advantages. A $100,000 donation, or a $200,000 property purchase on the island provides Dominican citizenship for the whole family, including children and parents. Relevant background checks are completed as part of the application, but they are undertaken swiftly, and a decision is usually made within 12 weeks of submission.

As a member of CARICOM, Dominican citizens are entitled to travel freely within the 15 member states. Among many other Dominica citizenship benefits, Dominican passport holders can also travel visa-free to 145 countries, including the UK, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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Capital city: Roseau
Languages: English (official), French, Dominican and Antillean Creole
Visa free countries: 145
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
Total area: 750 km²
Population: 71,991 (2020)
Nearest country: Martinique (94km)
Time zone: Eastern Caribbean (UTC-04:00)
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Dominica Citizenship Requirements

To apply for the Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Programme, applicants must fulfil ONE of the following two options:

1. Donation

The first way of fulfilling the Dominica citizenship by Investment requirements is to make a non-refundable donation to the Government Fund, as follows:

  • Single applicant: US$100,000
  • Applicant and spouse: US$175,000
  • Applicant and up to three qualifying dependents: US$200,000
  • Each additional dependent: US$25,000
2. Property

The second way you can fulfil the Dominica citizenship requirements is to purchase property valued at a minimum of US$200,000 in a government-approved real estate development. The real estate investment must be maintained for a minimum of three years and will be eligible for re-sale under the citizenship programme after five years.


Applicants of our Dominica citizenship programme must:

  • Be of outstanding character
  • Hold no criminal record
  • Have excellent health
Government website

To find out more about the Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Programme, view the official government website.

Dominica Citizenship Application Process

  • Month 1

    Initial Latitude due diligence.
    Sign client agreement, complete government forms and provide supporting documentation.

  • Months 2-3

    Application submitted.
    Government process and complete due diligence.

  • Month 4

    On approval, government contribution is made, or real estate purchase is completed. Following approval in principle, passports are issued within two to four weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment programme?

To qualify for a Dominica passport, you must be over 18 years of age, be of outstanding character, be in good health and have a clean criminal record. You must also be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to make the required financial investment, whether that be through donation or a real estate investment.

What are the main Dominica citizenship benefits?

The main benefit of this investment programme is the lack of physical presence that is required. No physical presence is required before, during or after the application process.

You have the freedom to travel to 145  countries without the hassle of applying for a visa, thus improving global mobility, whether for leisure or business purposes. 

Applicants will also receive additional identification documents with biometrics, including a National ID, a Tax ID and a Driver’s License.

This is the lowest price programme in the Caribbean for a single applicant. 

Dominica boasts one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean and favourably has one of the lowest crime rates of all the islands. The Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment programme grants successful applicants a range of tax benefits. As a Dominican citizen, if you spend less than 183 days in the country you will not be considered a tax resident thus you will not pay taxes on foreign income. Dominica also does not charge tax on capital gains. 

How long does the process take?

Between four to five months.

What is the minimum investment requirement?

There are two ways to obtain Dominica nationality, you must be able to fulfil one of these requirements:


  • Economic Diversification Fund: A non-refundable contribution to the EDF, which finances public and private sector projects in Dominica in a bid to boost national development. For a single applicant, the minimum donation is US$100,000. This then increases according to the number of family members you have included as part of your application.


  • Real Estate: Another way to gain Dominican citizenship is through real estate. You must purchase property from a real estate development that has been pre-approved by the Dominican government, valued at a minimum of US$200,000. Such investment must then be maintained for a minimum of three years. 

How many countries will I be able to travel to, visa-free?

Your Dominica passport will grant you visa-free travel to over 140 countries. These include areas such as the European Schengen Area, the UK, Russia, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

Will I need to reside in the country?

No, there are no physical residency requirements before or after citizenship is granted.

Who can be included in my application?

You may include the following in your Dominica citizenship programme application:

  • Spouse
  • Dependent children under 30
  • Dependent parents and grandparents of the main applicant over 55
  • Dependent siblings of the main applicant, aged 18 to 25 who are not married and have no children

How long will my Dominica passport be valid for?

It will be valid for 10 years before it needs to be renewed. Passports issued to children under 16 years old are only valid for five years, so will need to be renewed more frequently. As of July 2021, biometric passports will also be available to those with Dominican citizenship. 

Do I need to be able to speak English to be considered?


Can you gain Dominican Citizenship through marriage?

Once an applicant gains Dominican nationality, they can then pass on their status by marriage, as well as to future generations by descent. 


To find out more about Dominica's Citizenship-by-Investment Programme, please contact Christopher Willis using the form below and he will get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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