Visa-free travel to 184 countries
Citizenship within 12 or 36 months
Low minimum presence requirement
Required investment from approx. €880,000
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Why Consider Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation

There is a wealth of benefits when it comes to Malta citizenship by investment. Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a beautiful Southern European Island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, lying 95 km south of Italy. Malta is considered the number one Citizenship by Investment Programme in the world due to it’s high due diligence standards and is the only Citizenship by Investment Programme in the EU. 

What Can You Expect from Malta Citizenship?

Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004, and of the Schengen Area since 2007. It enjoys a stable political climate with a low risk of financial instability.

The Malta Citizenship-by-Investment Programme offers great advantages to both individuals and families. Once granted, citizenship is valid for life, and is hereditary for direct family members. Citizens have access to an excellent healthcare system that is provided free to Maltese citizens, and high-quality international education is available for children. 

The Maltese Government is pro-business and creating a company in Malta is straightforward. Its legislation and tax system are amongst the most favourable in Europe.

Alongside Cyprus, Malta has the lowest violent crime rates in Europe. Combined with a laid-back lifestyle, proximity to the sea and on average 300 days of sunshine, there are many benefits to applying for citizenship by naturalisation in this extremely attractive location.

English is an official language of Malta (alongside Maltese) and is widely spoken throughout the country. All government forms and documents are produced in English, as well as road signs, restaurant menus, and other important information.

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Capital city: Valletta
Languages: Maltese, English
Visa free countries: 184
Currency: Euro €
Total area: 316 km²
Population: 460,297
Nearest country: Italy, 95 km
Time zone: Central European (UTC+01:00)
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Malta Citizenship Requirements

To apply for the Malta Citizenship-by-Investment Programme, applicants must fulfil ALL of the following:

1. Contribution

Option 1 – 36 months residency

The first option to obtain Malta citizenship is to make a non-refundable contribution to the National Development and Social Fund:

  • €600,000 for main applicant
  • €50,000 for spouse and each dependant

Option 2 – 12 months residency

The second option to obtain Malta citizenship is to make a non-refundable contribution to the National Development and Social Fund for a shorter application turnaround:

  • €750,000 for main applicant
  • €50,000 for spouse and each dependant
2. Property

For Malta citizenship by naturalisation, applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

  • EUR 16,000 per annum of a leased residential property in Malta to be held for at least five years after naturalisation
  • EUR 700,000 purchase of a residential property in Malta to be held for at least five years after naturalisation
3. Due Diligence Fees
  • €15,000 for main applicant
  • €10,000 for spouse
  • €10,000 for dependants aged 13 years of age and over
  • Nil for applicants between 0 – 12 years of age
  • €15,000 for benefactor (if applicable)
4. Health Insurance

All applicants of the Malta Citizenship-by-Investment Programme must have Global Health Coverage during the residency period.

Government Website

To find out more about acquiring a Maltese passport and Malta citizenship, view the official government website.

Discover the freedom to travel the world, visa-free.

Frequently Asked Question

Malta citizenship-by-investment processing time

In order to make an application for citizenship, the main applicant must have a minimum of 36 months residency in Malta (12 months if investing the larger sum option). Once the government have completed their due-diligence process, you are then able to submit the full Malta citizenship-by-investment application. 

Malta citizenship by naturalisation benefits

Other than its gloriously warm climate and low crime rate, there are many other benefits to applying for the Malta citizenship-by-investment programme. One of the fantastic Maltese citizenship benefits is that it allows you and your family the right to work and study throughout the EU, and as Malta has one of the fasted growing economies in the EU, it is a favourable place for business. Children get access to Maltese public schools and universities, and state schools are free. 

Another of the Maltese citizenship benefits is the visa-free travel to 184 countries. 

Who Qualifies as a Dependent for the Malta Citizenship Application

A spouse or de facto partner, children under 18 and dependant adult children who are under the age of 29, unmarried and financially dependent on the main applicant. In addition, parents, and grandparents over the age of 55, who are wholly maintained or largely supported by the main applicant. 

Malta citizenship requirements

All applications for citizenship by naturalisation are thoroughly checked and assessed via due-diligence checks. Following on from the success of these, applicants must: 

  • Be older than 18 years old
  • Contribute at least €600,000 for a minimum residence period of 36 months, or €750,000 for a minimum of 12 months
  • Investment in property of at least €700,000, which must be held for five years, alternatively the lease of a rental property for at least €16,000 per annum. 
  • A contribution of at least €10,000 to a specific organisation which has been approved by the Community Malta Agency. 
  • Legal residence of Malta for at least 36 months (12 months by exception).

How long is my Maltese passport valid for?

Your Maltese passport will be valid for 10 years. 


Enjoy the benefits of a Maltese Passport in as little as 12 months after application. Complete the form below to start your journey.


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