No income, corporate, capital gains, inheritance, sales or property tax

Easily accessible from the USA, Europe & Canada

Amongst the highest GDP per capita in the world

No restrictions on foreign ownership of land

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Discover the Cayman Islands

The most beautiful tax neutral jurisdiction in the world

Whilst the Cayman Islands' sunny skies and turquoise waters help support a thriving tourism industry, its status as one of the leading financial services jurisdictions in the world has made the islands a preferred address for global corporations and has contributed to a strong and stable economy.

Once you obtain a Cayman Islands tax residency, you will benefit from the country’s tax-neutral jurisdiction, as there is no property, income, corporate, capital gains, inheritance or sales (VAT) taxes in the Cayman Islands. In addition, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of land and only a one-time stamp tax of 7.5% applies to property acquisitions.

The Cayman Islands boast  modern infrastructure, low crime rate, excellent healthcare and education facilities, and sound judiciary and pro-business environment, all of which contribute to making the Cayman Islands a vibrant place to live. A full-time population of approximately 68,000 residents is comprised of more than 130 nationalities.

Benefits of The Cayman Islands Residency-by-Investment Programme

Alongside enjoying the aesthetical perks of stunning vistas, beaches and sunny climes, there are so many more benefits to living in the Cayman Islands.

In addition, you can expect:

Lower tax bills: One of the main reasons why people are so interested in obtaining Cayman Islands residency, is due to the country’s tax-friendly policies

High-quality legal services, health care and education

World-class lifestyle

Ease of transportation

British overseas territory status

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Capital city: George Town
Languages: English
Visa free countries: N/A
Currency: Cayman Islands Dollar
Total area: 264 km2
Population: 68,000
Nearest country: Jamaica, Cuba, USA
Time zone: UTC -05:00
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Programme Requirements for Cayman Islands Residency

There are TWO real estate Residency-by-Investment options in the Cayman Islands when considering the Cayman Islands Tax Residency Programme:

Real Estate Option 1:

The first way to gain Cayman Islands residency is to invest US$1.2 million in local real estate. Successful applicants will qualify to apply for a 25-year residency certificate.

Additional Cayman Islands residency requirements:

Applicant must reside in the Cayman Islands for 30 days each year


• Does not permit the right to work

• Does not permit the right to apply for naturalisation

Real Estate Option 2:

The applicant must invest US$2.4 million in local real estate. Successful applicants will qualify to apply for The Cayman Islands Permanent Residency by Investment.

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