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Press Releases Date: 02 December, 2019

Latitude Continues Global Expansion

Latitude Continues Global Expansion

Latitude Consultancy is proud to announce the opening of our Montenegro office to help better serve our clients and business partners.

In our opinion, there’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings with clients, and, with over 20 offices across the globe, we are well positioned to meet clients and partners in person.

Latitude Montenegro Offers a Personalized Route Through the New CBI Programme

Whilst the Montenegrin government were preparing to receive the first applications to their highly-anticipated Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) programme, we were putting the final touches to our new office in the country’s capital, Podgorica.

Latitude Montenegro officially opened its doors in early November with the intention of providing an exceptional level of service and expertise to prospective CBI applicants travelling to Montenegro.

Our team of advisors in Montenegro is lead by Srdjan Boricic, a Montenegrin native with a wide professional network and years of experience in real estate development.

Montenegrin Citizenship Offers a Range of Exceptional Benefits

Investment in approved real estate is expected to be the most popular route to acquiring citizenship in Montenegro via the CBI programme. Successful CBI applicants will benefit from:

  • Visa-free access to 123 countries, including the Schengen Area
  • Low corporate and personal tax rates
  • Investment in one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in Europe
  • Full citizenship for life

Comprehensive CBI Application Services

Srdjan and his team are perfectly positioned to provide prospective CBI applicants a one-stop shop with an extensive list of professional services, including:

  • Management & completion of all CBI paperwork
  • Arrangement of official activities including biometric collection
  • Travel arrangements within Montenegro
  • Advice on the suitability of approved investments
  • Assistance with the purchase of property
  • Advice on further investment opportunities in Montenegro
  • Advice on, and appointment of doctors, lawyers, accountants etc
  • Property management

Contact Our Montenegrin Advisors Today

For more information about the services offered by Latitude Montenegro, please don’t hesitate to contact Srdjan using the contact details below.

Latitude Montenegro

Srdjan Boricic

Managing Director | Latitude (Consultancy) Montenegro DOO

Moskovska 169, G1, 81000, Podgorica, Montenegro

T: + 382 20 33 15 93

M: + 382 67 60 97 57 or + 382 69 45 26 25

Latitude Continues Global Expansion

Date: 02 December, 2019

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