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The Road to St Lucia Citizenship with Arsalan Al Hashimi


Yemeni Entrepreneur, Abu Dhabi

The Road to St Lucia Citizenship with Arsalan Al Hashimi

Mimoun has this ability to make you believe in his operation and in his business. I very quickly came to trust Mimoun and I invested with him in a St Lucia passport. And then when our child was born, we decided to do that with her too."

The St Lucia citizenship-by-investment programme dates back to 2015. This Eastern Caribbean island nation has long been a property hotspot, particularly with UK investors. 90% of St Lucia real estate buyers are British.

Prepare to be wowed as the St Lucia citizenship-by-investment programme beckons you to a world of wonder. There is the natural beauty of verdant rainforests alongside the welcoming greens of golf courses, the latest designed by the legendary Ben Crenshaw. St Lucia citizenship offers visa-free access to 147 countries, and this global mobility enhancement explains why it is rated the third-best Citizenship-by-Investment programme in the world.

Latitude Group, which RIF Trust belongs to, is a long-term partner of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU). We helped high-performance master coach Arshalan Al Ashimi to secure a highly-prized St Lucia passport. He had a problem with his Yemeni passport which prevented him from getting up and going when he needed to. RIF Trust suggested a winning solution.

Family Matters

Abu Dhabi born and raised he may well be, but Arsalan is Yemeni by nationality. He’s a business traveller who found his Yemeni passport to be more restrictive than his wife’s UAE one. “A lot of the times my clients need me ASAP,” outlines Arsalan.

Recent worrying developments in his Yemeni homeland accelerated the need for a speedy resolution. Family growth was another factor. “We had to go home after I had my first child,” recalls Arsalan. ” “That’s naturally when the decision came to get a second citizenship.”

With a new nationality unattainable by descent or naturalization for Arsalan, citizenship by investment represents the best option for him. A stronger passport would give him the get up and go he had been sorely missing.

Trust in RIF

“I had a really bad experience before RIF Trust trying to get a second citizenship,” grimaces Arsalan. “It took me a while to kind of trust to get back into it again.” But meeting Latitude Group VC Mimoun A. Assraoui changed everything.

“Mimoun has this ability to make you believe in his operation and in his business,” describes Arsalan. “I very quickly came to trust Mimoun and I invested with him in a St Lucia passport.” “And then when our child was born, we decided to do that with her too.”

The Latitude Group comprises a knowledgeable team. We can draw on a combined total of hundreds of years‘ experience in investment. You can rely on us as we have advised thousands of clients.

Contribute to an approved real estate project to obtain St Lucia citizenship.

Going Global

As a high-performance master coach, Arsalan is there “to help individuals and companies to become the best version of themselves.” In order for supply to meet an ever-growing demand, Arsalan needs to be mobile. “A lot of my clients actually reside out of UAE and just the ability to hop on a plane and go if they need me” is essential stresses Arsalan.

The Saint Kitts and Nevis passport is amongst the 40th strongest official travel documents in the world. Using it, you can travel visa-free to the EU Schengen Area. This is where Arsalan travelled to first with his new passport, booking a celebratory flight with his wife.

Arsalan sees a marked contrast in the before and after. He is so much more free now and discusses the ease he can reach clients, “Whatever is happening in their lives, businesses, or carers, Im literally able to just go join them.” “In the past, I was much more limited in my movement.”

  • September 25, 2017

    Client onboarding

    We carry out the initial Latitude Group due diligence. Arsalan duly signs the client agreement, completes the necessary government forms, and provides the required supporting documentation.

  • November 30, 2017

    Application submitted

    The Latitude Group legal and processing teams carefully review Arsalan's application before submitting it. The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) conducts thorough due diligence on Arsalan to verify that he meets requirements.

  • March 5, 2018

    Issuing of certificate of registration

    The St Lucia CIP reviews Arsalan's application and approves it. They issue a certification of registration we send to Arsalan. He proceeds to pay the required government fees.

  • May 30, 2018

    Granting of St Lucia citizenship

    Arsalan receives his St Lucia passport, confirming his new status.

Success summary

A “serial entrepreneur”, Arsalan applies attention to detail and compares and contrasts the service offered by RIF Trust favourably with that offered by rival firms. He enthuses about a process that “was super fast and super efficient, practically hurdle free”.

“Being able to have a second citizenship has given us security and freedom,” says a grateful Arsalan. Second citizenship “is not something you should gamble with, because it is your life and the lives of your family.” The minimum amount you need to invest in St Lucia property has been slashed and we recommend you invest in citizenship before the inevitable price increase.


Yemeni Entrepreneur, Abu Dhabi