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Eugene Barkley’s Guide to Successfully Acquiring Malta Residency


South African Data Engineer

Eugene Barkley’s Guide to Successfully Acquiring Malta Residency

In Malta, we sleep with the doors and windows open. That was strange at the start. I do not have to worry about my kids coming back late at night like I did in South Africa."

Malta is an increasingly popular family-friendly destination for investors. This EU country marries style with safety. Malta has good quality infrastructure and a stable political climate.

Malta’s Permanent Residence Programme (MRPR) provides flexible investment options. This simple plan involves property investment and state contributions.

Latitude has many clients who are now Permanent Residents in Malta thanks to our help. These include South African couple Eugene and Marinda Barkley, MRPR programme veterans, along with their two sons.

Considering Residency Options

The Barkleys stumbled upon a TV show about Malta’s renovation by chance. Though they had started to think of a new life away from their native South Africa, they had been looking at Canada and Australia.

When Marinda found out about Latitude on Facebook, they began to warm more to Malta. The couple reveal the country shares values with the ones they grew up with in South Africa.

Feeling the Push in South Africa

The Barkley family home was close to Johannesburg, the economic hub of South Africa. Living in a gated community, they spent thousands on making sure their property was fitted with the latest security systems. Travelling outside the home, road rage blighted their journeys.

In Johannesburg, robbers stole their son’s cell phone and laptop. The wife of Eugene’s cousin lost her life in a hijacking. The Barkleys despaired of such a hostile environment.

So, they decided it was time to relocate in search of a better future for themselves and their children. There is a limited job market in South Africa. Affirmative policies prioritize race over qualifications.

Escaping to Victory in Malta

The Barkleys now live in Kalkara, close to the capital, Valetta. It’s one of Malta’s oldest villages. Kalkara’s accessible creeks led to Sicilian sailors settling in the area after sheltering from sea storms.

Eugene and Marinda are relaxed enough to take a nocturnal stroll, something they never did in South Africa. Chez Barkley is no longer a fortress. “In Malta, we sleep with the doors and windows open,” marvels Eugene. “That was strange at the start. I do not have to worry about my kids coming back late at night like I did in South Africa.”

Malta offers plenty of career opportunities, with foreigners making up one third of the workforce. Eugene works as a Data Engineer for the Betsson Group, who also employ one of his sons. The other son who struggled in South Africa was thrilled to receive a job offer in Malta. Eugene and Marinda believe unemployment impacts a person’s self-worth. They are overjoyed at the positive transformation a regular job brings.

The Barkleys feel that Malta is a safe haven for future generations. Fellow South African friends send their children to the excellent state schools. Although people say that things move slowly in Malta, Eugene welcomes progress he did not see in South Africa. “I look forward to growing old in Malta,” Eugene says with a newfound relish.

Establish Malta residency with the Malta Permanent Residence Programme

How Latitude Helped with Malta Residency

The Barkleys can not imagine obtaining permanent residency in Malta by themselves. They know the toll it takes on people who try. The due diligence threw Eugene and he calls it “the most thorough background check” he has ever seen. “Everything was in a big file, from my military history to where I went to school.”

Eugene appreciates Latitude keeping him and Marinda informed with their Malta residency application. He also enthuses about the straight talking. “Nothing was sweetened to entice us to continue our journey,” stresses Eugene.

The Barkleys relied on Latitude’s expert advice. They welcomed being guided through a labyrinth of paperwork. For Eugene and Marinda, Latitude Group are the real deal that sets them apart from less scrupulous “investment migration specialists” you hear horror stories about.

  • July 14 2020

    Client onboarding

    We perform the initial Latitude due diligence. The Barkleys sign the client agreement, complete the necessary Residency Malta Agency, the official Maltese Government body, forms, and provide the required supporting documentation.

  • March 26 2021

    Application review and submission

    Latitude legal and processing teams carefully review the Barkleys' application. They send it to Residency Malta Agency after Eugene and Marinda confirm they meet the requirements.

  • November 11 2021

    Application approval

    We receive the Letter of Approval in Principle from Residency Malta Agency and forward to the Barkleys.

  • February 2 2022

    Becoming Permanent Residents in Malta

    Eugene, Marinda, and their two boys receive the Letter of Final Approval from the Residency Malta Agency.

Success summary

Eugene describes how he has been contacted by plenty of compatriots. South African friends and family are keen to join them in Malta. He always tells them to work ahead of time.

You should begin to get your papers in order when you first think of making a new life abroad recommends Eugene. South African bureaucracy is notoriously fussy and you can wait up to nine months for the government there to get back to you. He also advises countrymen and women not to compare the island living of Malta with the more metropolitan South Africa.

Do your homework if you want to emulate the Barkleys. Visit Malta and smell the bougainvillea. Despite the laidback island pace, the clock is ticking with MPRP’s future in the balance. Let us help you beat the deadline. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to our office in St Julian’s, Malta.


South African Data Engineer