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Europe, News feed Date: 24 May, 2024

Why You Should Get Irish Citizenship by Descent in 2024

Why You Should Get Irish Citizenship by Descent in 2024

Y Delyn Aur is the Cymraeg-language narration of Malachy Owain Edwards’ reaction to losing his Welsh European citizenship by claiming Irish Citizenship by Descent. Our UK Country Manager Dom Barnes has taken advantage of his connection with the Emerald Isle too. In this interview, find out why you should sign up for Ireland Citizenship by Descent in 2024. 

1.) How do you qualify for Irish citizenship, Dom?

“Well, my mother is Irish. Now, if you or your parent were born on the island of Ireland before 2005, you’re automatically an Irish citizen. This entitles you to the highly-coveted Irish passport.”

“You can also claim citizenship from a great grandparent that was born on the island of Ireland. However, in order to do so, your parent must have registered their foreign birth (pegged to their grandparent) and therefore was an Irish citizen at the time of your birth.”

“The most common route is by registering your foreign birth on the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Foreign Birth Register (FBR), based on a grandparent that was born on the island of Ireland.”

2.) What are your earliest memories of visiting Ireland?

“Attending a cousin’s wedding in Donegal when I was in my early teens was an eye-opening experience. The Irish are among Europe’s biggest party people. Naturally, I have returned for similar events a fair few times as I have many cousins living in Ireland.”

“My most recent visit was in 2023. I headed to Derry, where my family are from, for my Grandma’s 90th. She attributes her longevity to a diet rich in Irish stew and soda bread.”

3.) In terms of applying for Irish Citizenship by Descent, what one piece of advice would you give?

“Collate the documents as per the checklist we provide to make one submission, instead of in a drip-feed fashion, which will cause delays. We are already seeing processing times of over 24 months for foreign births to be registered on the FBR.”

4.) How has your Irish passport changed your life?

“The passport is great. In May 2024, myself and a bunch of close pals travelled to my stag party in Lisbon. I was able to avoid the long queues by going through the EU E-Gates, leaving my British friends behind.”

“Irish citizenship is very powerful and I do not feel those post-Brexit restrictions of being tied to one country and government. I would like to retire somewhere in Europe. Because of this citizenship, I can.”

5.) What is the first thing a new Irish citizen should do on a trip to the Emerald Isle?

“Hit The Reel Inn, Donegal Town and order a pint of Guinness (to be finished in no more than 5 sips). This gives you licence to join in the singing/dancing. It’s going to get emotional.”

“Then have another Guinness, and another. Just before your departure, your drink ‘for the road’ should be a single malt whiskey. That’s how to have a first night to remember.”

Irish Citizenship by Descent is a route to becoming an EU national.

How to Claim Irish Citizenship by Descent in 2024

Would you like to follow in the happy footsteps of Malachy Owain Edwards, Dom Barnes, and many, many, many more? An Irish Citizenship by Descent specialist such as Latitude Group can serve as your expert guide. So, don’t delay and contact us today.

Why You Should Get Irish Citizenship by Descent in 2024

Date: 24 May, 2024

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