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News feed Date: 31 January, 2021

UAE Citizenship Open to UAE Expats: Who Can Apply and How?

UAE Citizenship Open to UAE Expats: Who Can Apply and How?

In a ground-breaking move, the UAE announced on Saturday major amendments to their citizenship laws. This allows for the naturalization of investors, doctors, scientists, artists, and talented people and their families to acquire Emirati nationality.

This step aims at retaining the contribution and talent of foreign nationals already residing in the UAE. The government also wants to attract more bright and resourceful minds to the Emirati community to contribute to the development and prosperity of the country. These amendments also allow applicants to retain their existing nationality.

The UAE becomes the 13th country in the world to offer citizenship through making a significant contribution to the economy of a country.

RIF Trust CEO and Vice Chairman of the Latitude Group, Mimoun A. Assraoui, commented, “This historic announcement is a significant development in the investment migration industry and is sure to raise a lot of interest.

“The new policy is in line with the government’s previous announcement relating to its 10-year Golden Visa scheme, which grants wealthy property investors, entrepreneurs and creatives with permanent residency in the UAE.”

“As the leading citizenship and residency by investment advisory in the Middle East and Africa, with our headquarters based in Dubai, we have already started receiving many inquiries for this new citizenship scheme and are in contact with the local authorities to ensure the proper implementation of this exciting new policy. We are well poised to guide UAE expatriates and their families through this developing situation.

Who Qualifies?


  • Must own a property in the UAE (minimum values not explicitly stated yet)

Doctors and “specialists”:

  • Must be specialized in a “unique scientific discipline or any other scientific principles that are highly required in the UAE”
  • Must have made “acknowledged scientific contributions, studies, and research of scientific value”
  • Must have practical experience of not less than 10 years
  • Must be a member of a reputable organization in their field of specialization


  • Must be active researchers in a university or research centre in the private sector
  • Must have practical experience of no fewer than 10 years
  • Must have made contributions to the scientific field “such as winning a prestigious scientific award, or securing substantial funding for their research during the past ten years”
  • Must obtain a recommendation letter from a recognized scientific institution in the UAE


  • Must obtain one or more patents that are approved by the Ministry of Economy “or any other reputable international body”
  • Must obtain a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Economy


  • “Such as intellectuals and artists, should be pioneers in the culture and art fields and winners of one or more international awards”
  • Must have a recommendation letter from “related government entities”

Dual Citizenship:

Citizens would not be required to give up their original nationality and family members of the main applicant would also be granted citizenship.

What are the benefits?

As a UAE citizen, you’ll have the right to establish and own companies in the UAE. Youpll be able to buy and own land and real estate property in the country.

Can UAE citizenship be withdrawn/taken away?

UAE citizenship can be stripped if one or more of the conditions are breached.

Other Requirements?

Swearing of an Oath of Allegiance is mandatory.

How can I apply?

If you qualify, the Emirates’ rulers court, the courts of the crown princes, the executive council in an emirate, or the cabinet will nominate you.

What’s Next?

For more information on how to apply, don’t delay and contact us today.

UAE Citizenship Open to UAE Expats: Who Can Apply and How?

Date: 31 January, 2021

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