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Rose Moghrabi

Head of Landing and Client Services

As the Head of Landing and Client Services based in London, Rose is responsible for organizing client visits and arranging all necessary meetings during their stay in the UK. As a co-founder of Latitude UK, she is also part of the development team responsible for creating and expanding Latitude’s Innovator Visa portal.

Rose is a highly motivated, multilingual entrepreneur and mother of three who manages to juggle (better than most!) a proper balance between the well-being of her family and her entrepreneurial ambitions. As co-founder of the UK business, she is responsible for assisting clients in relocating their livelihood to the UK. By offering a “safe and trusted pair of hands”, she assists our clients with the inevitable trials and tribulations of immigrating to a new country, an experience which she is herself all so very familiar with.

Prior to joining Latitude, Rose was the co-owner of a concept store selling organic products in Ivory Coast and in Lebanon.

Rose is very pragmatic yet meticulous, always bringing a problem-solving and client-centric solution to any problem.