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UAE Citizens Acquire Visa-Free Travel to Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE, announced on Feb 24th that a visa waiver agreement between Dominica and the UAE has now come into effect granting UAE nationals access to Dominica without requiring a visa.

As part of the visa waiver, Dominican passport holders can obtain an eVisa to the UAE. This also applies to Dominican citizens who have acquired their passport via the Dominica CBI.

UAE residents can also gain visa-free access to Dominica, and 138 other countries, by applying for the Dominican Citizenship-by-Investment programme (CBI). It can be acquired in 3-4 months through a real estate investment of $220,000 or a government donation of $100,000.

Dominica’s real estate investment option is the most popular route for HNWIs investors as the country has developed a burgeoning eco-tourism hotel sector that is primed for investment. The island is also ranked by FDI Strategy as one of the top tourism destinations of the future.