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Setting the global standard with Christopher Willis

Christopher Willis is not only our Managing Director in the Americas & Caribbean, but he's also the Investment Migration Council's (IMC) representative in the region. Earlier this month, Christopher wrote a feature in Antigua & Barbuda's The Citizen magazine discussing the stringent code-of-conduct all members of the IMC are expected to uphold. 

Antigua's Citizenship-by-Investment Unit were the first government body to adopt the IMC's code of ethics, helping to establish it as one of the most diligent Citizenship-by-Investment programmes in the region. It's fair to say, the other Caribbean programmes quickly followed suit and today the IMC, with experienced representatives like Christopher steering the ship, continue to elevate the migration industry's public reputation and safe guard its future.

Since joining the IMC, Antigua's Citizenship-by-Investment Programme has gone from strength to strength. Offering visa-free travel to 149 countries including the UK, Europe and Singapore, the programme is popular with travelling investors as well as families looking for a safe alternative. The nation's association with the IMC ensures Antiguan passport holders are well respected around the globe. Passports can be granted to applicants who pass Antigua's due diligence process and are prepared to invest a minimum of US$100,000 in the island nation. 

To discuss your own eligibility for Antigua's Citizenship-by-Investment Programme, contact Christopher Willis here

You can find Christopher's full article on pages 36-37 of October's digital edition here