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Alternatives to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme

As confirmed by President of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, the Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment programme will no longer be viable as a Citizenship-by-Investment option.

Previously, those of Cypriot nationality via the investment route would receive benefits including a direct route to the EU, visa-free travel to 170+ countries, a quick passport turnaround as well as inclusion of your family within the citizenship.

However, despite the closure of the Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment programme, it doesn’t mean other avenues aren’t available in order to enjoy the aforementioned benefits. 

Alternative Citizenship-by-Investment Options

Portugal Golden Visa Programme

Portugal offers a popular Golden Visa programme - also known as a Residence by Investment Programme - that can lead to citizenship after five years. 

Applicants must hold residence status for five years, demonstrate genuine links to the country and have basic understanding of the Portuguese language to qualify for citizenship. The minimum real estate investment requirement starts from €280,000. 

Similarly, to the Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment programme, upon completion of the application applicants will be able to live, work and study freely within Portugal.

Malta Citizenship-by-Investment

The Malta Citizenship-by-Investment option grants citizenship within 12 or 36 months and is a highly popular choice of citizenship.

Similar to the Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment option, Maltese citizens can enjoy visa-free travel to over 180 countries including the UK, Canada, and the USA. 

Malta employs the world’s highest due diligence standards ensuring only the most reputable applicants are approved. The starting price for Malta citizenship is approximately €950,000.

Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment

Another popular alternative to our Cyprus citizenship option is Montenegro. Located on the Adriatic Sea, this country offers a Citizenship-by-Investment Programme which starts from just over €400,000. 

While not yet a member of the European Union, Montenegro is the next country scheduled to join in 2025. Once that happens, citizens will gain the right to live and work anywhere in the EU.

Why Consider Alternatives to Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment?

Whether you’re investigating citizenship-by-investment options for personal or financial reasons, there are a plethora of benefits to be had from any of the above options. 

With each of them being more financially viable than the former Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment programme, this gives scope to invest the additional financial requirement elsewhere.

For more information about any of the citizenship-by-investment options discussed, or to speak with one of our expert advisors on which option is most suited to you, please get in touch today.