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Europe, News feed Date: 14 February, 2024

How to Get Polish Citizenship by Descent in 2024

How to Get Polish Citizenship by Descent in 2024

The Polish diaspora aka Polonia extends far and wide. An estimated 10 million people of Polish descent reside in the US, while a million-plus inhabitants of Polish heritage live in both Canada and UK, and around a further 500,000 in Australia. If you’re one of them and want to take advantage of your Polish roots, find out how to get Polish Citizenship by Descent in 2024 with our very own Aleksandra Smolen.

1.) Who is eligible for Polish Citizenship by Descent, Aleksandra?

“Anyone can qualify for Polish Citizenship by Descent with at least one Polish ancestor. There is no limit on the number of generations you can go back. However, there must be no break in the lineage.”

“1920 is a key year as January saw the publication of the first Polish Citizenship Act. This document defined who became Polish citizens, as the end of the First World War reestablished Poland as a country. For over  120 years, it had been split up into different territories between Prussia, Austria and Russia. 

“If you’re eligible for Polish Citizenship by Descent, the authorities describe this as a confirmation rather than an acquisition. You’re being recognized as a Polish national rather than obtaining Polish citizenship. Your ancestor will have had to maintain their Polish nationality until your birth or their death; there can be no break in the lineage.”

2.) What is the application process like?

“You can apply through a foreign consulate or you can apply in person, in Warsaw. What trips up most applicants is the ancestral research which can be tricky.”

“Latitude Group are investment migration experts. We have seen so many cases and so many different scenarios. Latitude knows what works, what speeds things up; what slows things down.”

“If you opt to DIY, you’re doing it for the first time. It’s very difficult to fix the situation if you’re refused. It’s the same if you employ an inexperienced agent; you’ll have to hire lawyers and throw yourself at the mercy of the Polish judicial system.”

“Polish authorities demand hard copies and an address in Poland. They will not send anything overseas. The process is complicated by the fact your parents might have left in a rush and you don’t know which archives to search. Belarusian, German or Ukrainian?”

“How long an application takes depends on each individual case, although between 12 and 24 months is the typical processing time. We start with onboarding. You tell us as much as you know about any Polish relatives and we dig deeper.”

“This can take up to a year. We’re building your case on the strongest of foundations. Latitude will legalize and translate documents and submit them to the Polish Government on your behalf.”

“We’ll help you register all the Vital Records in Poland.  Remember,  when you apply, Poland does not know you exist. With ancestral research, we first prove that you indeed are Polish. And once that is clear, you need to establish yourself as a Pole by registering your birth certificate and other important documents in Poland.”

“Expect to wait between 6 and 8 months for a decision. If you’re accepted, you receive a Confirmation of Polish Citizenship. Then you can apply for a Polish passport.”

3.) Aleksandra, how strong is the Polish passport?

“With a Polish passport, you can enjoy visa-free travel to 175 countries. In terms of global mobility, Polish passport beats USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.” 

“Poland signed an European Union accession treaty in 2003. We joined the next year. Our strong passport reflects the 20th anniversary of that date.”

4.) Apart from qualifying for a Polish passport, what are the other benefits of Polish citizenship?

“The advantages of Polish citizenship connect to Poland’s membership of the EU. You’ll have the right to live, work, or study anywhere in the 27 Schengen Area countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. Effectively, it’s 30 passports in one.”

“If you relocate to Poland, there is no language test to pass as you qualify by blood rather than naturalization. Although your spouse will have to take the naturalization via the marriage route, your kids will receive a legacy passport. Polish citizenship opens the doors for them to attend prestigious universities in Poland and the rest of Europe.”

“Poland has an enviable geopolitical base with a wealth of natural resources. It’s considered the China of Europe with exponential growth post-communism. Also, Polish people are known for being hard-working.”

“We have a high percentage of university graduates, with many going on to study masters. Poland is technologically minded and there’s a fair balance between the sexes when it comes to the high achievers.”

5.) For new Polish citizens who haven’t been to Poland before, what is the first thing they should do on arrival?

“Get a Polish driving licence. There is so much to see and do in the country. Although you can travel to a national park using Warsaw’s public transport system which is cheap and reliable.”

“Hit the north and Poland’s Lake District, Masuria. Continue northwards to reach the Baltic resorts, considered by those in the know to be the new Med as climate change makes previous hotspots increasingly unbearable.” “I have travelled all around the world and still believe that the Polish coast is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen”. 

“Down south are the mountains, including the famous Tatra range that separates Poland from Slovakia. You will be amazed how green Poland is, including the cities. Try żurek, a fermented sour soup that has legendary status as a hangover cure.”

Have you got any Polish ancestry?

How to Become a Polish Citizen via Descent

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How to Get Polish Citizenship by Descent in 2024

Date: 14 February, 2024

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