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Caribbean, Europe, News feed Date: 20 May, 2024

How to Combat Schengen Visa Rejection in 2024

How to Combat Schengen Visa Rejection in 2024

Schengen visa rejection need not be the end of the world as you can always appeal or reapply, after all. However, this requires you to present new evidence to support your case or start from scratch. In this article, we suggest alternative strategies to having your application for a Schengen visa refused.

Why Schengen Visas Are Denied

Before we offer you substitute ways to challenge Schengen visa rejection, let’s assess the reasons for having an application denied. The three main ones are as follows:

  1. The Schengen Area country you applied to has doubts over whether you’re a genuine visitor
  2. It worries about your ability to support yourself during your trip
  3. The country has concerns regarding your intent to return home punctually

The last factor was highlighted in an article published by Dutch newspaper NRC on Tuesday, April 23, 2004. Pas op met deze visumaanvraag, the headline begins. This translates as Be careful with this visa application.

This news story refers to vestigingsgevaar, risk of residence. This is where immigration authorities worry that an applicant may overstay their visa. That they won’t return to their home country on the specified date.

The piece goes on to reveal that Hanke Bruins Slot, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has ignored calls to terminate the use of profiling software in assessing Schengen visa applications.

By defining applicants by nationality, origin, age, and gender, the software may show signs of bias. This prejudice can transfer to the score calculated to establish the risk that the applicant will not go back to their home country in time.

Obtaining Schengen Access Through Citizenship by Investment

If you want to ensure permanent passage to the Schengen zone, Citizenship by Investment is an established route. This is your path to a passport with extra visa-free access to countries worldwide. Compare and contrast the strength of your passport with those offered by other nationals at our Passport Index.

The majority of our recommended Citizenship by Investment programmes are run by five Eastern Caribbean countries. The Antigua and Barbuda passport is your gateway to 157 visa-free countries whilst the Dominica passport allows you to visit 153 visa-free countries.

With a Grenada passport, you can access 155, a St Kitts and Nevis passport, 161, and a St Lucia passport, 154.

Maltese Exceptional Investor Naturalization is another way to get a passport guaranteeing the benefits of a Schengen visa, and more. The number of visa-free destinations you can reach with a Malta passport increases to 175. It gives you and qualifying family members the right to live, study, and work across the European Union.

Securing Schengen Entry Via Residency by Investment

The best Residency by Investment to counter Schengen visa rejection is European residency. This gives you access to the 29 Schengen area countries without having to apply for a visa. As an entrepreneur and a member of a family, you will appreciate the greater ease you can travel for business and leisure.

Both the Greece Golden Visa and the Malta Permanent Residence Programme are popular options for investors. But a Portugal Golden Visa gives you the chance to become eligible for Portuguese citizenship within 5 years.

Elsewhere, you can qualify for Spanish citizenship after 10 years of residency (2 for Ibero-American or Filipino nationals) with a Spain Golden Visa.

Find out how to get around Schengen visa rejection.

Taking the Next Step to Beating Schengen Visa Rejection

If you want to invest in a new residency or second citizenship, time is always of the essence. Especially so, in the case of Caribbean Citizenship and Greek Residency by Investment, with both set to rise in cost. So, don’t delay and contact Latitude Group, your investment migration specialists, today.

How to Combat Schengen Visa Rejection in 2024

Date: 20 May, 2024

Posted in: Caribbean, Europe, News feed