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Europe, News feed Date: 19 June, 2024

Discover How Long It Takes to Get Italian Citizenship by Descent

Discover How Long It Takes to Get Italian Citizenship by Descent

Citizenship by Descent can feel like winning the lottery. That’s the euphoric sensation you’ll feel by getting your dual citizenship recognized through your ancestral roots. So, if you have roots in the boot, as they say, let’s discover how long it’ll take to get Italian Citizenship by Descent in 2024.

A Guide to Italian Citizenship by Descent Processing Time

Many, many people belong to the Italian diaspora that spreads far and wide across the globe, including an estimated 17+ million living in the United States. Although most of these Italians don’t realize they were born Italian. This makes them eligible for the Italy Citizenship by Descent Programme.

Many Italian Americans may meet the qualifying jure sanguinis conditions. So, it’s merely a question of rubber-stamping this birthright.

Yet wherever you’re based, you’ll inevitably find that the wheels of Italian bureaucracy can turn slow. Ordinarily, Citizenship by Descent processing time takes a minimum of 24 months. Yet further delays are not unheard of in a process that will also guarantee a highly-coveted European citizenship.

Let’s offer you some reassuring advice if you’re affected by delays. The Italian Ministry of the Interior is obligated to rule on Citizenship by Descent applications within 730 days of you submitting your form. Even before these two years are up, you can apply to one of the Tribunali Ordinari (Regional Courts) closest to where your ancestor was from, should you foresee the process exceeding 730 days.

What is the average Italian Citizenship by Descent processing time?

How to Become Italian Through Right of Blood

Citizenship by Descent in Italy is far from an exact science. While you may be eligible for Citizenship by Descent in the country, an investment migration specialist such as Latitude Group will be able to factor in how your individual circumstances may affect processing times. So, don’t delay and contact us today.

Discover How Long It Takes to Get Italian Citizenship by Descent

Date: 19 June, 2024

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