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Europe, News feed Date: 17 June, 2024

Climate Change Migration and the World of Investment Migration

Climate Change Migration and the World of Investment Migration

Climate change migration is a 21st-century phenomenon that is making as many waves in journalistic circles as the environmental devastation itself.

The climate impact reporter Jake Bittle’s The Great Displacement: Climate Change and the Next American Migration predicts that Americans will be “forced inland and northward in what will be the largest migration in our country’s history.” Yet global warming is, by its definition, an international concern, and this article considers, above all, its impact on the world of investment migration.

Climate Change Migration and Citizenship by Descent

You can’t uproot your family tree. However, certain Citizenship by Descent programmes now stand out over others because of their route to destinations less adversely affected by climate change. Our Aleksandra Smolen told you How to Get Polish Citizenship by Descent in 2024.

She also advised you to “Hit the north and Poland’s Lake District, Masuria. Continue northwards to reach the Baltic resorts, considered by those in the know to be the new Med as climate change makes previous hotspots increasingly unbearable.”

Smolen does add that “Poland is not a utopia resistant to the greenhouse effect. The thermometer measurements have been increasing at a faster rate than elsewhere, particularly in the Lake District.”

However, currently the mean annual temperature in Poland is between 6°C and 8°C. In Italy, it’s around double that, roughly 15°C. This makes Polish Citizenship by Descent an altogether more attractive option.

Another chilled CBD country is Ireland. The Emerald Isle owes its greenery to regular rainfall. You’ll keep cool if you move to Ireland through the Irish Citizenship by Descent Programme, with a climate that is infinitely more Polish than Italian.

The Impact of Climate Change on Residency by Investment

There are 10 main Residency by Investment programmes, many in overheating Europe. Of these, one of the most appealing countries to invest in a residency has been the USA. But the States face the same negative adjustment of coverage by insurance brokers.

As Jack Bittle’s book suggests, the smart move for Americans (and one assumes anyone and everyone) is one made in a northerly direction.

This establishes the Canada Start-Up Visa the best choice for the discerning entrepreneur, no matter where they come from. It has long rivalled the EB-5 Visa as an investment migration option in North America, and now climate change migration looks like boosting its popularity.

Our Executive Chairman, Eric Major, is Canadian born and bred. “Canada is the birthplace of modern Residency by Investment,” explains Major. “So, the way things are developing on the weather front, everything seems to be coming full circle. Canada is once again top of mind, this time for the many who are concerned of where Mother Nature may be bringing us.”

What impact will climate change migration have on investment migration?

How We Can Help With Your Investment Migration Decision

True, climate change migration may affect your choice of programme. But you shouldn’t commit to anything until you talk through your options with an investment migration expert such as Latitude Group. So, don’t delay and contact us today.

Climate Change Migration and the World of Investment Migration

Date: 17 June, 2024

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