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Europe, News feed Date: 18 October, 2023

11 Best Bases for Spanish Golden Visa Holders in 2024

11 Best Bases for Spanish Golden Visa Holders in 2024

Since its launch in 2013, the Spain Golden Visa offers residency in one of Europe’s most attractive countries. With a focus on real estate investment, the programme offers an array of benefits. Here, in no particular order, are the 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa holders in 2024.

Where to base yourself with a Spanish Golden Visa? How about Madrid?

1.) Madrid

Madrid offers arguably the best educational opportunities for your family, all the way from nursery to university. As a capital city, its thriving gastronomic scene includes the world’s oldest restaurant, Restaurante Botín. Big-name international musical artists and bands make a Madrid date a touring priority. 

For peace and quiet, join the footballers in the out-of-town La Finca or La Moraleja estates. For a more central base, the tree-lined Salamanca neighborhood epitomizes elegance and sophistication. This barrio’s high-end reputation ensures that property investments tend to retain their value over time.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa Holders include Barcelona.

2.) Barcelona

For a major city, Barcelona is relatively compact and easy to navigate thanks to excellent transport infrastructure. Barcelona is Spain’s most European city and is a progressive metropolis. The Catalan capital is also home to one of Spain’s leading football clubs in FC Barcelona.

Barcelona’s Eixample district is renowned for its stunning architecture, wide boulevards, and iconic landmarks. Investing in luxury apartments or historic townhouses here offers Spain Golden Visa holders not only a prime location, but also potential returns from the reliable tourist industry. With its modernist masterpieces and proximity to celebrated attractions, real estate purchases in the area represent a wise and solid business decision.

The 11 best places for Spanish Golden Visa holders include Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

3.) Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Despite the effects of global warming, the Canary Islands’ year-round largely spring-like climate make them popular with both expats and tourists. With an average temperature of 22 degrees Centigrade, the Atlantic Ocean breeze doubles as natural air conditioning. Humidity makes the islands feel colder and locals tend to add extra layers whenever the thermometer dips below 20 degrees.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the most cosmopolitan city in the Canaries. It even has its very own Garden City, Ciudad Jardín, which was built by UK merchants. There is an Anglican church and British Club here, and Spain’s oldest golf course is in the suburb of Bandama, also home to some of the island’s outstanding vineyards.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa Holders include Málaga.

4.) Málaga

There are two sides to Málaga. There’s the Costa del Sol whose sunny coastline has attracted many snowbirds. The majority of foreign residents here holidayed in the area first.

North of the city is a gateway to olive groves and a more rural Andalusia. There are plenty of local international schools to choose from. Málaga-Costa del Sol (AGP) airport offers an array of connections near and far.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa holders include Seville.

5.) Seville

Seville is the home to flamenco, Spain’s national dance. It’s also the birthplace of tapas. The plates were used to cover the glass of sherry, to ward off flies.

Seville’s Old Town sees serving staff calculate your bill by writing the sum in chalk on top of the bar. Across the Guadalquivir river lies Triana, where the best flamenco schools and shows are. It also houses one of the city’s leading markets, the Mercado de Triana.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa holders include Valencia.

6.) Valencia

Entrepreneurs are increasingly drawn to Valencia, the city and region. There are more start-ups here than anywhere else in the country. With around 800,000 inhabitants, this tech hub is the third largest city in Spain.

Ensanche, the Valencian name for Eixample, has a lot in common with its Barcelona namesake. This upmarket area is the best place to brunch in the city. Although do be careful drinking the local water, as agua de Valencia is the name of a potent cocktail combining cava, vodka, gin, and orange juice.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa holders include Bilbao.

7.) Bilbao

Bilbao, once an industrial heartland, has transformed itself  into a cultured hotspot with its modern architecture and avant-garde attractions. Cutting-edge museums and vibrant neighborhoods abound. Bilbao’s metamorphosis from ugly duckling to beautiful swan started with the opening of Guggenheim Bilbao in 1997.

The Basque Country is one of Spain’s most pronounced regions. Expect to hear Euskadi, the Basque language, spoken on the streets. This is the north of Spain with the quickest flights to the UK, a proximity reflected in the distinctly non-Spanish weather.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa holders include Marbella.

8.) Marbella

Like nearby Málaga, a rainy day in Marbella is far less common than a sunny one. The most exclusive properties are sited on the Golden Mile. This 5-km-stretch of luxury real estate begins at Plaza Bocanegra and ends at Rio Verde.

Marbella is one of Spain’s style capitals. It’s the place to be seen, particularly from spring through to autumn. One of the most fashionable places where the beautiful people congregate is Nikki Beach Marbella.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa holders include Palma de Mallorca.

9.) Palma de Mallorca

The capital of the main Balearic Island is also known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. Traditionally, it’s one of Spain’s most established resorts. This explains why the nearby airport is the third busiest in Spain.

But while the more than 250 beaches are not quite all-year-round destinations, the 20+ golf courses are. Cyclists come for warm weather training in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tramuntana mountain range. In the capital itself, you’ll never tire of seeing the seaside cathedral.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa holders include Ibiza.

10.) Ibiza

Spain’s White Isle has enjoyed foreign visitors for many years. One of the first group to arrive were the hippies. Then came the clubbers, living it up in the likes of Pacha.

Exploring the island’s waters by yacht is a popular pastime. You can even sail over to neighbouring Formentara. This island is even more exclusive than a guest list at one of Ibiza’s superclubs.

The 11 best bases for Spanish Golden Visa holders include Murcia.

11.) Murcia

Spanish beaches don’t get much more pristine than those on the Costa Cálida. At its most idyllic, virgin pine forests overlook playas of ivory-white sand. The high quality results in a proliferation of blue beaches along this 250-kilometre-long coastline.

Cartagena has some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in Spain. For a rural retreat, the Ricote Valley, enveloped by lush orchards and flanked by majestic mountains, offers a serene escape. If you prefer an altogether different type of green, there are plenty of courses to play a round of golf at.

Madrid makes a great base for Spanish Golden Visa holders.

Spain Is Golden

A Spanish Golden Visa is a passport to one of the world’s most popular countries. We have rounded up the best places to live in the Iberian Peninsula and islands. If you need help with applying for Spanish residency, don’t delay and contact us today!

11 Best Bases for Spanish Golden Visa Holders in 2024

Date: 18 October, 2023

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