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Sarah El Shabrowy

Marketing Director - USA & Canada

Sarah Yasmeena El Shabrowy is a highly accomplished Marketing and Communications professional with a career spanning over 14 years. Her expertise lies in developing strategic digital marketing plans and executing impactful communications campaigns for both B2B and B2C entities. Originally hailing from New York City, Sarah embarked on her professional journey while pursuing her BA in Business Administration, working as a Communications Specialist for a prestigious law firm. In 2012, she made a pivotal move to the United Arab Emirates, where she continued her marketing endeavors within the education, legal advisory, and financial services sectors.

Sarah’s entrepreneurial disposition and astute business acumen played a vital role in the expansion of various start-up enterprises across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She contributed her expertise to schools, government-owned entities, and technology companies, driving their growth and success.

Having earned her MBA in Marketing and Communications from the esteemed University of Leicester (UK) in 2021, Sarah joined RIF Trust and Latitude Group as the Marketing Manager responsible for the Middle East and Africa regions. In this role, she played a pivotal part in leading the integration of data and managing both internal marketing teams and external agencies during a significant company expansion. Through her implementation of strategic digital marketing techniques and adept communication strategies, she successfully rebranded the company, broadened its operating market, and fostered substantial client growth, establishing RIF Trust and Latitude Group as a globally recognized brand.

Today, Sarah serves as the Marketing Director overseeing the Latitude Group North American market and has returned to her roots in New York City. In this elevated role, she spearheads the brand’s expansion across the region. The fuel for Sarah’s enthusiasm is her desire to help individuals and families secure their futures through investment migration. Leveraging her extensive skill set and unwavering passion, she is determined to position Latitude Group as a dominant force in the investment migration field, ensuring clients gain knowledge about the transformative powers Latitude Group’s programmes offer and receive exceptional experiences throughout their entire journey.


BA (Business Administration), MBA (Marketing & Communications), Certified ScrumMaster®