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Alaa Akwan

Regional Director - Saudi Arabia

Alaa, a seasoned marketing and sales professional, brings extensive expertise to his role as a Regional Director at RIF Trust. With over eight years of experience in the investment migration industry, Alaa oversees the Saudi Arabia market and UAE from his Dubai base. Alaa provides valuable guidance to investors on leveraging their wealth to secure an additional base and establish a residence in different countries.

Throughout his career, Alaa has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the diverse RCBI (residency and citizenship by investment) programmes offered by Caribbean islands and European countries. He is well-equipped to assist you in selecting the optimal investment migration solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Alaa appreciates the decision to obtain a new passport or residency certificate is as much a lifestyle choice as a financial transaction. Citizenship and residency by investment can lead to better educational options for your children and healthcare access for your loved ones. By diversifying your assets, you are protecting them.