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Top 7 Countries to Consider When Seeking a Second Citizenship

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programmes are among the most popular routes to obtaining a second passport in another country. Individuals from every part of the world apply to citizenship by investment programmes as a pathway to opportunities that are not accessible to them in their home countries. Some of the top countries to migrate offer a passport with visa-free travel to over 140 countries, including the UK and EU Schengen Area, a higher quality of life and better business opportunities. Top-tier healthcare and education and reduced taxes are also important factors for investors seeking the best destinations for citizenship by investment. 

To make your decision easier, we look at the top seven countries that offer a Citizenship by Investment Programme:

Antigua and Barbuda

Investing in second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda is a life-changing decision. Not only does this beautiful Eastern Caribbean state boast 365 beaches with clean, blue water, but citizens of Antigua and Barbuda enjoy visa-free travel to 151 countries worldwide, including the UK, EU Schengen Area, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. 

Antigua and Barbuda's CBI can be obtained by either contributing $100,000 to the Antigua National Development Fund or investing $200,000 in a government-approved real estate project. This is one of the most cost-effective options for families. 

St Kitts and Nevis

The CBI industry started in 1983 with St Kitts and Nevis becoming the first citizenship programme in the world. With a second passport from St Kitts and Nevis, citizens can travel visa-free to over 150 countries, including the UK, EU Schengen Area, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

For a limited time, investors can make a minimum contribution of $150,000 for a family of four, making St Kitts & Nevis citizenship by investment programme one of the most sought-after countries for families seeking freedom of movement around the world. In addition, citizenship from St Kitts and Nevis can be passed onto future generations, which ensures the safety of your family and makes St Kitts and Nevis one of the top countries to migrate to. 

St Lucia

Located in the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea, this island country is the only sovereign nation named after a female historical dignitary, Saint Lucy of Syracuse. St Lucia's citizenship by investment programme has improved in the last two years. The government made changes to its policies and application process, making it easier and more efficient for investors to obtain second citizenship from St Lucia.

St. Lucia is the only country offering government bonds as a qualifying option for citizenship. The improved structure of the CBI programme allows applicants to pay the national contribution, real estate or national bonds investment online, thus shortening the payment process.  St. Lucia made further adjustments to the bond investment amounts, which have been reduced from $500,000 to $250,000, making it one of the top countries to migrate to.  


With its immaculate beaches and relaxed lifestyle, Dominica is one of the best destinations for citizenship by investment and a favourite for those seeking eco-tourism. A passport from Dominica permits citizens visa-free travel to 143 countries worldwide, including the UK, EU Schengen Area and Singapore.

Dominica has attractive tax policies with no tax on foreign income, capital gains, or inheritance. The whole family can acquire second passports, including dependent children under 30 years old and parents above 55 years old. With a minimum investment of $100,000, investors and their families can receive their new passports in as little as four months. Dominica offers one of the most cost-effective options for single applicants. 


The Grenada Citizenship by Investment programme was launched in August 2013, making it one of the newer programmes in the Caribbean. In addition, Grenada is the only Caribbean country that offers the opportunity to obtain a US E-2 Investor Visa, which allows successful applicants to start a business and live in the United States.

With either a minimum investment in the form of a non-refundable government donation of $150,000 or a minimum of $220,000 in government-approved real estate, applicants may obtain their Grenada second passports in as little as four months. 


Located in the South Pacific with deep blue oceans and lush beaches and a low cost of living, Vanuatu is one of the best destinations for citizenship. Vanuatu is one of the most efficient CBI programmes with processing times in as little as two months. 

With no physical residency requirements for applicants and a minimum investment of $130,000, Vanuatu is the country of choice for applicants looking for a peaceful destination that offers visa-free travel to 133 countries worldwide, including the UK and EU Schengen Area. 


Malta has one of the strongest passports in the world. As a member of the EU, Maltese citizens enjoy visa-free travel to more than 180 countries around the world, including the EU, UK, USA and Canada. Malta is also one of the top places to migrate due to its high quality of life and universal healthcare.

Malta has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe with no foreign income tax or inheritance tax. Investors are required to make a significant non-refundable contribution to the government and either rent or purchase property to qualify for Maltese citizenship. 

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Holding second citizenship from any of the above countries is the best modern-day insurance policy, allowing you and your family the ability to travel visa-free or relocate immediately, especially in times of political or economic uncertainty in your home country. 

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