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Malta IIP investors spend 2.5x the minimum on homes to qualify for citizenship

Ryan Darmanin, Managing Director of Latitude’s Malta Office, recently spoke to Investor Migration Insider about the real estate investment trends for Malta's Individual Investor Programme.

Individuals applying for citizenship by investment through Malta’s Individual Investor Programme increasingly buy, rather than lease, properties in the country.

"The primary reason people choose to rent rather than buy properties is that it’s simpler and quicker, especially considering the mandatory 12-month residency period," explains Ryan. However, Malta’s strong economic growth rate and rising property prices have made real estate in Malta an attractive proposition, irrespective of the MIIP. 

"Real estate developers have begun catering to the MIIP and MRVP (the Malta Residence Visa Programme) markets by building more units in that price class, thus making the decision to buy relatively easier than just a couple of years ago."

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