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Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment Programme announces changes

On the heels of the recent appointment of Mr. Thomas Anthony as the new CEO of the Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment Unit, further programme enhancements were recently announced.

The most intriguing of these enhancements is the expansion of the dependent category. A first for the Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes (CIP), Grenada will now allow siblings of the main applicant and his/her spouse to be included in the application as long as they are not married or have children.

Other changes include dependent parents no longer being required to be financially dependent on the main applicant and dependent children over 18 no longer being required to be enrolled in a post-secondary institution.

Latitude’s Director of Global Sales, Mr. Jon Green, explains: “These are true programme differentiators that will certainly give the Grenada CIP a competitive advantage over the other regional CIPs. For families whose children recently graduated this will be the only CIP option that will allow them to be included in their parent’s application. These enhancements combined with the fact Grenada is an E2-visa treaty country with the US will certainly increase demand for the programme.”

Another welcomed announcement was with respect to the re-sale of qualifying properties. Those who utilize the real estate option as the qualifying investment will now be able to re-sell the property and it will qualify the next purchaser for citizenship as long as the minimum investment level is reached and the required government contribution is made.

These programme enhancements are expecting to come into effect once the corresponding legislation has been amended which is expected later this month.

To discuss your own eligibility for the Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment Programme, contact our Caribbean Managing Director, Christopher Willis, using our contact form